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Exam 3

by Prof. Hangen - May 8th, 2018

Exam #3 will take place Wednesday, May 16 at 12:30 pm in our regular classroom.

Study Guide here

See you then!

University Snow Day for Wed March 7

by Prof. Hangen - March 6th, 2018

We will not meet in person for class on Wed, March 7 due to the snowstorm. Wednesday’s class will be moved online instead.

Everyone: Please post your thoughts about the assigned reading on a discussion thread under “Discussions” on Blackboard (the 01 green sidebar Blackboard shell) sometime on Wednesday, and also check out the *revised* Digital Project guidelines on the course website, due FRIDAY March 9 by midnight.

Honors: Remember there is a discussion thread this week hosted by Kyra on the ZinnBlog (in the Discussions on the H1 purple sidebar Blackboard shell) about Chapter 6 – make sure you participate before SUNDAY March 11th at midnight.

Everyone: there are some upcoming events in our department related to Women’s History Month for which you can get extra credit since they’re related to our current course unit, so watch for that newsletter coming in your inboxes later today.

Thanks, see you Friday in class! ~ Dr. Hangen

Digital Project Feb 14 – 23

by Prof. Hangen - February 14th, 2018

The next 2 weeks will be devoted to conducting and completing a research project based on a local history collection housed in the Worcester Historical Museum (30 Elm St). See the “Digital Project” tab above for details.

Feb 14 or 16: visit archives

Feb 19: no class, University holiday

Feb 21 and 23: in class, bring laptops, we’ll work on the project together

Site for Data Input

Class Moved Online – Wed Feb 7

by Prof. Hangen - February 7th, 2018

Whether the university cancels today or not, we will not hold class in person today — Wed Feb 7 — due to the oncoming bad weather. I’d like to move our conversation about Rosenzweig to an online Blackboard discussion. That will be open from 9 am to 6 pm in the 01 Blackboard shell (the one with the green sidebar), where participation in the discussion will count as today’s attendance. Stay safe, see you Friday!

No Class – Snow Day Wed 1/17

by Prof. Hangen - January 17th, 2018

We all love a good snow day! But a snow day on the first day of class is a little disappointing since we won’t meet together in person until Friday 1/19 and I don’t want us to get too far behind. So, please – today, take care of these tasks:

1) Read the Syllabus closely. There are two versions: Section 01 and Section H1, depending on whether you’re taking the course for Honors credit or not.

2) Check out the Blackboard shell and its announcements and resources. Although I use the course website as the MAIN information channel for class, readings and gradebook and other course resources are found in Blackboard.

3) Introduce yourself on the “Day 1 Introductions” discussion board thread on Blackboard by 10 pm tonight Wed 1/17.

4) For Friday, read the essay by Herbert Gutman, “Work, Culture and Society” posted on Blackboard (it’s long, so it’s posted in two parts. Read both parts). Prepare for class using the discussion questions provided — ideally by taking good notes, making an outline of the essay, or creating written responses to the discussion questions. You won’t be turning in any of your notes or responses, but really spend the time needed to prepare for our first discussion.

5) If you have questions in the meantime, please email me, or drop by my office on Thursday or Friday before our class.

Thanks, enjoy the snow and I’ll see you soon! ~ Dr. Hangen