End of Term Wrap-Up for Spring 2018

by Prof. Hangen - April 25th, 2018

Mon 4/30 Latino America. Reading: Zinn Ch. 8 plus pp. 614-616. Some additional background on immigrant “repatriation” of Mexicans during the 1930s…

Map of US Territorial Accessions
Changing Mexico-US Border (Library of Congress blog)
New York Times Immigration Explorer (interactive map)
Mass Deportation, It’s Happened Before (short clip)
Forgotten History of Mexican-American Repatriation (longer interview)

Wed 5/2 The (or rather, A?) Mexican-American Experience. Reading: Pam Munoz Ryan, Esperanza Rising.

Discussion Questions: What do you learn from this text about Mexican-American migrant worker experiences? Does the fact that it is based on the author’s own family story give this work of fiction special authority or power? What are some of the themes and symbols explored in this book? What’s the novel’s historical context (hint: it was published in 2000)? How might this book be incorporated into K-12 classrooms, or into other public history or education settings? How does this story connect to our other readings about marginalized, migrant, and/or minority peoples? In what way is this a work of social history?

Fri 5/4 Discussion Day on Latino life & culture in contemporary US.

Links to explore —

Difference between Hispanic, Latino & Spanish (video)
“40 Years from now, the US Could Look Like Las Vegas,” 538.com 22 June 2017
Facts for National Hispanic Heritage Month (2015)
“How a routine immigration interview turned into an arrest,” Boston Globe 11 March 2018
The Wall (USA Today)

See also: Census 2020 concerns
Houston: preview of coming America
Counting Latinos in the US Census (NPR / Code Switch)

Mon 5/7 Course Wrap Up & Sharing Day. Bring a food to share. I’ll provide juice/soda and paper products. Each person will have 3-5 minutes to talk about their project and its findings. Final Paper is due ELECTRONICALLY via EMAIL w/ 50-word summary on the title page. Exam Study guide will be handed out.

Exam #3 will be Wednesday 5/16 at 12:30 pm.

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