Curious about something you read in Zinn? Want more information about a person, organization or event you learned about in class?

Places to start…

Zinn Education Project
US History in Context, via Worcester State University library (WSU login required)
Primary Source Sets, Digital Public Library of America
Library of Congress online exhibits
Google an organization + “records”
Google a person + “papers” or “personal papers”

Relevant Digital Projects (scholarly, often multi-media)

Women Working, 1800-1930 (Harvard University)
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 1911 (Cornell)
Colorado Coal Field War / Ludlow Massacre, 1914 (University of Denver)
Making of America (19th century magazines, Cornell)
Documenting the American South (University of North Carolina)
LIFE photo archive
Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive (University of California / Calisphere)

Worcester Resources (city documents, directories, maps, and photos from Worcester Historical Museum collections)
Our university’s on-site Worcester collection is in CityLab inside the Urban Studies department