Week of 4/16 – Social History of Immigration Today

by Prof. Hangen - April 16th, 2018

Mon 4/16No Class

Wed 4/18 – Discussion Day on today’s immigrant cultures. Ahead of time: two tasks.

1) Please listen to ONE of these episodes of This American Life (about an hour long each)

Our Town (Part One) 8 December 2017
Our Town (Part Two) 15 December 2017
Fear and Loathing in Homer and Rockville 21 July 2017
I Thought it Would be Easier (Act One, i.e. first half of the show) 19 Jan 2018
It’s Working Out Very Nicely 3 Feb 2017

2) Find and bring (or bookmark on your laptop) a news article or piece of long-form journalism relating to immigration, written within the last two years.

Prepare to talk about both of them using these discussion questions:

Who are today’s immigrants (and why those in particular)?
What are some of the pushes and pulls that bring newcomers to the United States?
In what ways does today’s debate echo earlier national debates over immigration vs. what is new and unique to our time?

Additional Resources
“Key Findings about US Immigrants, 2015” (Pew Research Center)
Largest Immigrant Groups Over Time, 1960-Present (Migration Policy Institute)

Fri 4/20 – *OUR LAST* Professor for a Day featuring Patrick and Alex

Reminder, a draft of your final paper is due on Monday, April 23 – bring two printed copies to class (one for peer review, one to hand in).

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